• Do you aspire to become a roller derby athlete?!
  • Do you already know how to skate and want to learn derby ?!
  • Are you already playing derby and looking for an intense program that guarantees to push you, transforming your hard work into real results, without drama?!

Mother State Roller Derby can help!

Contact us and come out to a practice!

There’s no better time to start training than NOW!

MSRD Practices

Roller Dome Skating
4902 Williamsburg Rd
Richmond, VA 23231

Saturday:  6:00 am – 9:00 am
Sunday:     6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Tuesday:   8:00 pm – 11:00 pm


A proud member of Richmond’s ever growing flat track roller derby community and the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), Mother State Roller Derby is now recruiting women 18+ who have the heart and will to excel in a fast paced, hard working, and competitive environment.
Are you ready?
Do you have what it takes?

We believe you DO!




  • You want to be a part of a team of like-minded individuals moving in unison, constantly pushing for more, never settling for “good enough”, never wanting to sit-one-out, proving wrong any opposition with unified will and effort.
  • You find hard work and the growth from that effort to be fun!
  • You want an organized training system designed specifically to instill concrete fundamentals and continued growth while minimizing plateaus.
  • You are searching for a drama free league where you show up, work hard, and skate.
  • You want to present the sport of roller derby to the public in a way the earns respect and inspires appreciation for the athleticism and hard work required of this amazing sport and its athletes.
How to Join?


TRANSFERS: If you are a current athlete and are looking to transfer, contact us to setup a visit!

TRY-OUTS: As our coach says, “every practice is a try-out.” – Teams are selected based on an athlete’s ability, work ethic, commitment and determination toward the growth of the team and sport. A rolling battery of skills are constantly taught and assessed, ranging through and above those required by the WFTDA Skills Requirements. Based on the your ability to master the skills and work with the team, you will be placed on the team most appropriate for your personal growth and that best suiting for that team.

Who can Join MSRD?

WHO can join MSRD?

ANYONE 18+ years old who meets the WFTDA Gender Policy. Athleticism, skating skills, and teamwork comprise the focus of MSRD’s training. If you are new to derby or haven’t skated before – but have the heart to work hard, come out to a boot camp or join the Rookie Training Program and we will teach you!!!

Memberships are voted upon by skating MSRD members after the athlete has successfully completed the WFTDA & MSRD skills assessments, and has proven to be an asset to the foundation and goals of the league and sport.

Click to view our MSRD New Skater Packet

Training Camps


ROOKIE BOOT CAMPS:If you’ve never skated before, or its been a very long while, no worries! Attend our regularly scheduled Rookie Boot Camps, or join the Rookie Training Program and we’ll get you started on your way to being a successful derby athlete! The Rookie boot camps are $10 and open to anyone 18+ looking to pass skills, prepare for the Rookie Training Program, or just see what derby is about! 16+ TRAINING CAMPS: These training camps are for those skaters 16 & 17 looking to improve their skating/derby skills such that they can excel in a junior league and/or be ready for WFTDA play when of age. MSRD believes in teaching. The youth is the future of derby and although MSRD does not have a competitive junior’s program, these camps serve as an additional source of input and growth for the future of our sport. For more information on this please contact us!


VOLUNTEERING & REFEREES / Non-Skating Officials 

We realize that this can all sound a bit intense. And truthfully, it IS! MSRD takes this game and our approach to it very seriously. To us this IS fun! We love the work and have a great time doing it. But we also realize that MSRD can be a little intense for some. Fear not! We ALWAYS need the help of every willing body, skating or not!!! We always need NSOs (non-skating officials), Referees (skating officials), helpers, assistants, and volunteers! There are a million ways to take part in MSRD! If you would like to help out – email us for more information!!!

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